Changpa Tribe of Ladakh

The Changpa are a semi-nomadic Tibetan people found mainly in the Changtang in Ladakh region. These Nomads are remarkable people who live in extreme conditions in remote cold barren mountains. These are high altitude pastoralists, raising mainly yaks and goats. They live mainly from the sale of the goat wool that is used to make the famous Pashmina wool(Pashmina goat is prized for its wool and the extreme cold air on high altitude encourages good quality wool). The average altitude of 4000 meters, too hostile to culture, but ideal for grazing, brings the people of the region to follow their herds during the summer milder season. During the winter, the harsh climate does not allow them to live in camps ; they join then their permanent housing in urban areas.

This photograph was clicked near Tsokar. Tso Kar is small lake located in Changtang area. It is a salt water lake which covers an area of about ten square kilometers. It is rich in huge deposits of impure salt, mostly found on its northern shore. This salt is collected by the Changpas and used as barter to obtain goods from other parts of Ladakh.

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